Desideria is the princess of the demonic realm, and it is time she inherits her Circle of Infernis. She has just one enormous problem. Before she is made queen, her father demands that she find a being who will rule beside her and be her eternal partner.

Desi has never fit in with the anarchy demons love. She thrives on structure and plans to oversee her Circle of lazy demons and energies with complete order. Rather than search for the impossible in her own realm, Desi sets out to find a future husband amongst the humans.

After a series of dating mishaps, Desi quickly learns that humans are just as chaotic as her own people, and she turns to her sexy new roommates for help. Cannon is driven, fun, and charming, where Jace is nerdy, brooding, and damaged. Together, they make the perfect team to guide Desi through the trials of dating.

Can Desi find an eternal partner in ninety days, or will she fail and thrust her realm into destruction? Perhaps she will find the answer with one of the two men living under the same roof as her.

When a demon princess and a human man collide,
it is beautiful chaos.


Crystal and Felicity are Wattpad Stars and Wattpad Editor Choice authors. They are best friends who have a shared love for writing. Their experience writing their stories has been unique due to living on opposite sides of the United States, but it is one of their very favorite things to do.